Say Goodbye to Late-Night SRE Wake-Up Calls

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Thousands of SREs, on-call engineers and DevOps pros all over the world dread nothing more than the late-night incident alert. The pager buzzing at 2:00 a.m. can cause panic for SREs and leave IT and DevOps teams with quite a mess to contain. But incident response doesn’t have to cause panic if you have the […]
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Pulumi Adds Registry to Share Secure IaC Code

Wed Oct 20 , 2021
Spread the lovePulumi this week added a public registry to its portfolio that makes it easier to discover packages that have been created using its tools to manage infrastructure-as-code (IaC). Joe Duffy, Pulumi CEO, said the Pulumi Registry will make it simpler for DevOps teams to share and reuse IaC […]