Until recently, the standard solution to capture, analyze, and store data in near real-time involved using the Hadoop toolset. This article explains how Snowflake has simplified the solution, and now supports high-performance real-time data capture, transformation, and processing using nothing more complex than industry-standard SQL. The Requirement The requirements include […]

In this blog post, I’d like to show you how I could quickly improve an old project with Modern C++. Thanks to using the newest compilers and free code analysis checkers, you can cover and modernize a lot of code. Intro If you have a terrible code like:

Out of curiosity I made this simple live dashboard that compares some common stable software versions of applications in Snap and Flatpak. Also has the latest available stable software version with ubuntu/fedora repo versions. Live Dashboard: https://fortwire.github.io/Who-Updates It’s a simple python script that outputs a markdown file every 6 hours […]

Hi Guys, CoreApps V3.0 LTS is Officially released, Please give it a try, CoreApps are Running on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Surface. We have a Matrix group. Chat with us in IRC/Matrix #cubocore:matrix.org And visit our website [CuboCore](https://cubocore.gitlab.io/) For more check out the full [Release Notes](https://gitlab.com/cubocore/wiki/blob/master/ReleaseNotes) and [ChangeLogs](https://gitlab.com/cubocore/wiki/blob/master/ChangeLog). Please consider […]

While the C++20 Standard is still being finalized and polished, we know all of its core features. At first, the new specification of the language might sound complex and overwhelming. That’s why, if you want to have an overview of the core elements and get the bigger picture, you can […]

i’m new to linux and i’ve never heard of a good media player.I was using windows and it had an app called PotPlayer and i liked it very much. Unfortunately its not available on linux. Can someone suggest a good media player app except VLC? submitted by /u/jedi1026 [link] [comments]

Table of Contents How to Watch Netflix With CyberGhost Does CyberGhost Work With Netflix? Why CyberGhost Is a Great Netflix VPN Final Thoughts When it comes to Netflix, there are few services that work as well as CyberGhost. Not only does CyberGhost work with Netflix, but it’s also rated on […]

Brief: RecApp is a simple open-source screen recorder tool. It doesn’t boast of huge features but gives you enough to record your screen with a simple user interface. We have plenty of screen recorders available for Linux. Abhishek prefers to use Kazam while I like using SimpleScreenrecorder. Neither of us […]

Hi all, I’m looking for a window manager that offers the possibility of removing the “X” to close a specific app, or even better, a specific window of said app. The app in question is kstars which unfortunately doesn’t ask for confirmation on exit and causes a big issue if […]

I recently learned about libpcap. I never knew that there exist such a powerful library that you can use to inspect network packets. Is there an exhaustive list of other such libraries with a short description of their usage? Edit: I am not talkies about only packet sniffing libraries. It […]

Ive been a linux user for more than a decade now. Im a selft taught developer, not a security expert. Anyways, Im quite suspicious about an inconsistency in the checksums page of most linux distros: cdimage.ubuntu.com In that page you can see the checksum info for most ubuntu’s distros. im […]

In June, by the metrics of NetMarketShare, Linux has achieved its highest marketshare of all time: 3.61% on the desktop. To compare, on Steam, it has 0,8%, but I am sure Linux loses when it comes to gaming, so the de facto usage must be higher than on gaming platforms. […]

I am looking for an inexpensive laptop to dedicate Linux to but I am unaware of what system requirements Linux requires. I also wouldn’t mind taking Linux distro recommendations because I’m fairly new with this stuff but want to get better. The only ones that I’ve played with a little […]

Hey guys, Tl;dr: shared house – late night films So I’ve been playing around with the profiles in PulseEffects trying to set one for late night filming that will catch the peaks (limiter) and sensibly handle any film in terms of bass and treble shooting up (equaliser). Haven’t had any […]

Hi Developers, The terms scalability, high availability, performance can mean different things to different organizations, or to different departments within an organization. They are often interchanged and create confusion that results in poorly managed expectations or implementation delays. So, in this video we try to illustrate better scalability. Don’t forget […]

At the moment my Mum and I share the Windows 10 Calendar between us for events. I would like to add my linux box to share the calendar as well. Is there any software in Linux that can do this? I’m using Kubunt 20.04 with KDE Plasma 5.18. submitted by […]

Hello, this trick will cover Windows 10 version 1903 (April 2019 Update) . I supose you have wsl enabled. step one : download the tar.gz of your repo (typicaly used for docker) step two : do this command : wsl –import thenameofyourdistribution c:thepathwhereisyour.targz done, you can now see you distro […]

Heyo, title explains itself. I’m just wondering of the advantages/disadvantages of either, security benefits to either, etc. I’m currently looking at Ubuntu and Manjaro, but if you got any others you like feel free to hit me up with them! submitted by /u/h_wittenborn [link] [comments]

Hey new to Linux here and I am getting a error E: The repository ‘http://ppa.launchpad.net/nathan-renniewaldock/flux/ubuntu focal Release’ does not have a Release file. N: Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely and is therefore disabled by default. N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details. […]

Hello, everyone, i am currently using a software raid level 1 (mdadm) with two hard drives on my ARM64 Ubuntu server. Since I would like to encrypt this with LUKS, the question arises how to do this best. Can I take a hard disk out of the array, create a […]

I’ve had some time over the summer to work with Magic. One of the more important features I have implemented, is to make it more easy to use, and especially in regards to referential integrity columns. Watch the video below for an explanation. This allows you to generate your Angular […]


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