So I’m working on some scripts that scan a network using Masscan and Nmap and have been running some tests recently. We’ve tested the scripts several ways. Running the orchestrator script directly, which is the script that calls the other scripts and makes sure they only run within a certain […]

Genomics is foundational to the development of targeted therapeutics and precision medicine. Advances in DNA sequencing technologies has driven a revolution in genomics-based research and is helping facilitate better understanding of human biology and disease conditions. This expanded knowledge is leading to the proliferation of personalized medicine strategies to prevent, […]

Starting with Django 3.1, the latest version that dropped a couple of weeks ago, Django now supports fully asynchronous request path. This is exciting for everyone who’s been waiting on the edge of their seats ever since Andrew Godwin’s DEP 0009 was approved by Django Technical Board in July 2019. […]

One of the most important roles in an Agile Project is that of the Product Owner (PO).  The Primary responsibility of the PO is to represent the Business, prioritizing business requirements for delivery.  This often means that the PO is the one who decides what the Squad does in a […]

Can somoene please help me with this? I cant add themes on my grub customizer because of this error, and I don’t know how to fix this. I’m on Ubuntu. Thank you so much for helping me submitted by /u/WHITEBEARDreddit [link] [comments]

I like the idea of a program being done — all goals are accomplished, so no further development is happening, only bugfixing. Will this ever be Linux? I suppose there will always be new drivers being written, but what about the rest of the kernel? Is development still active in […]

Hey, I have a question, so I installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop and then tried to install DaVinci Resolve, but after installing and opening it says that I don’t have OpenCL. Does anyone had this problem before? Did you get any solution to get this problem fixed? I have […]

Linux and open source is the future and there is no doubt about that, and to see this come to a reality, a strong foundation has to be lied, by starting from the lowest The post 7 Amazing Linux Distributions For Kids first appeared on Tecmint: Linux Howtos, Tutorials & […]

As businesses become AI-ready, efficient data management has acquired an unprecedented role in ensuring their success. Bottlenecks in the data pipeline can cause massive revenue loss while having a negative impact on reputation and brand value. Consequently, there’s a growing need for agility and resilience in data preparation, analysis, and […]

Hive Metastore supports various backend databases, among which MySQL is the most commonly used. However, in real-world scenarios, MySQL’s shortcoming is obvious: as metadata grows in Hive, MySQL is limited by its standalone performance and can’t deliver good performance. When individual MySQL databases form a cluster, the complexity drastically increases. […]

This article mainly introduces how to migrate your data from Neo4j to Nebula Graph with Nebula Graph Exchange (or Exchange for short), a data migration tool backed by the Nebula Graph team. Before introducing how to import data, let’s first take a look at how data migration is implemented inside […]

The ui-select directive to a select and multi-select control with a search feature, I have to say is a control very useful. You can use it with a static list or dynamically getting data from a server. In this post, I want to show you how to configure and to […]

I started on my bachelor’s degree on cloud computing recently. Today I decided to look into the job market out of curiosity. It seems like there is little to none opportunities for entry level positions. The ones i have found had a annual pay in between 25k to 35k a […]

Though I have worked on Java for more than a decade, I have not had a chance to work on Groovy. While working for API Integration into Jenkins CI/CD pipeline, I extensively used Groovy to invoke REST API, validate the user input parameters, and business logic for that. After that, […]

Prologue In a previous post, I showed how to automate a PostgreSQL fault-tolerant cluster with Vagrant and Ansible. This kind of setup makes our database cluster resilient to server failure and keeps the data available with no need for human interaction. But what about the apps using this database? Are […]

We live in an era of reliability where users depend on having consistent access to services. When choosing between competing services, no feature is more important to users than reliability. But what does reliability mean? To answer this question, we’ll break down reliability in terms of other metrics within reliability engineering: […]

Being an Architect, Product Owner, or a CXO of your organization has already purchased a brand new Anypoint platform subscription or planning to get one based on evaluation of the platform and now In dilemma which subscription model to go for? This article will help you to provide a 1000ft […]

Open Source Intelligence is information and data that is publicly available to the public and that can be used to protect your business and employees, as well as prioritize your tasks and solve security issues.  Open-source intelligence is a rather new concept that gained popularity as technology developed. Some many […]

Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols writes at ZDNet: Eric S. Raymond, one of open-source’s founders, said in his seminal work, The Cathedral and the Bazaar,  “Every good work of [open-source] software starts by scratching a developer’s personal itch.” There’s a lot of truth to that. Vital programs such as the Apache web server, […]

Introduction High egress cost often comes out as a surprise. As David explains, egress cost could potentially go unnoticed at the initial stages of estimating expenses for a solution. In 2017, Apple paid more than $50 million as egress cost according to the post. Hence it is clear the size […]


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