Obscure Scripts – including Harry Potter parody fan fiction written in Bash

I’m proud to announce the release of several new scripts from The Obscure Organization’s vaults. This repository has a mixture of scripts for both server and client environments. All code is original and MIT licensed. Server-focused scripts in the repository help us maintain servers and 3rd party integrations, ranging from Cloud Init scripts to enable IPv6 on CentOS on AWS EC2, to Icinga2 watchdog scripts, and Uptime Robot firewall manipulation scripts. Client-focused scripts focus on ssh and authentication agent forwarding, and session management. The obscureorganization/obscure-scripts repo contains one of the only examples of Harry Potter parody fan fiction written in bash: patronus.sh (Used to banish all interactive user sessions for a user except the one you are currently running) https://github.com/obscureorganization/obscure-scripts The Obscure Organization promotes creativity and community through technology – and is approaching its 25th year in existence and 18th year as a 501(c)(3) public charity. submitted by /u/obscurerichard [link] [comments]


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