Developer-led Landscape & 2022 Outlook

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Tyler leads the firm’s developer-focused investments and publishes the industry’s most comprehensive market landscape each year. He discusses the developer-led landscape and the 2022 Outlook. The video is above and a transcript of the conversation is below. Interviewer:                This is Digital Anarchist. Hey, everyone. Welcome to another Techstrong TV segment. I’ve got a first-time guest […]
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Armory Extends Scope of Spinnaker CD Distribution

Wed Aug 3 , 2022
Spread the loveArmory today updated both the self-hosted and managed editions of its distribution of the open source Spinnaker continuous delivery (CD) platform. The updates support concurrent pipelines and provide tighter integration with open source Terraform infrastructure-as-code (IaC) to better enforce policies. Previously, the two platforms were known as Armory […]