In the mobile app development world, security often takes a backseat to developing features and delivering the app. In fact, the 2021 Verizon Mobile Security Index found that 45% of organizations sacrificed mobile security in order to “get the job done.” It really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Certainly, it […]

There is a growing amount of hand-wringing about the state of DevOps; that adoption is not progressing apace, or that the full benefits of the methodology are not being realized by the majority of adherents. That we can and must do more and do it better, etc. That is just […]

Shoreline emerged from stealth today to make available a namesake incident automation platform that eliminates the need to manually perform the same repetitive tasks. Anurag Gupta, Shoreline CEO, said the platform is based on domain-specific language, dubbed Op, that provides a simple pipe delimited syntax to integrate real-time resources and […]

Shopify’s Unite 2021 conference was held on June 29, 2021, and the e-commerce platform had some big, developer-centric news to share. Alan Shimel spoke with Shopify’s Glen Coates about the developer-first business model that is giving developers the most opportunity to build their businesses with a new 0% revenue share […]

What makes a group of individual contributors a team? You can look at today’s product development teams as an ensemble of craftspeople from different disciplines. Code builders, design artists, storytellers, and an orchestrator. Similar to an orchestra, their output is based on the ability of each and every one of […]

An enterprise with many databases and various data requirements for DevOps continuous delivery presents a problem. For example, test data provisioning is a challenge today, particularly in pre-release testing of database updates. Standard practices involve shared database environments that need to be maintained from one test to the next, slowing […]

I’m not the first person to point out the issues with Andreessen Horowitz’s blog post outlining why Dropbox is repatriating from the public cloud to data centers and saving an enormous amount of money. But while others have brought up valid points about how Dropbox is not representative of most […]

If you say a person or organization “goes to great lengths” to achieve something, it means they try very hard and perhaps do extreme things to accomplish their goal. One example I’ve seen is that of more traditional companies “going to great lengths” to “hide” the cloud from their pool […]

Shifting from monolithic application development Businesses need agility to deliver better services, meet changing requirements, and seize new opportunities as they arise. At the heart of many efforts are applications based on modern development strategies and techniques. Specifically, many businesses are moving away from monolithic applications of the past that are […]