You’ve probably heard the joke that there are two types of people in IT: Those who do backups and those who will start. Though it’s still valid, this joke has become less relevant to businesses and professionals. The IT industry has been increasing expenditures on security for years, and backup […]

They say our past experiences have an impact on how we view life and our general outlook. Routine behaviours and patterns become a program that we follow day in, day out. We stop using our minds to their fullest potential and become trapped in unquestioning, continual cycles of process and […]

The scenario is all-too-familiar: There’s a security breach, and afterward, the affected organization asks what it must do to better protect its data. But what if that organization never collected and stored that sensitive information in the first place? Often, the best defense against an embarrassing and costly breach is […]

Between burnout, job-hopping and the ongoing pandemic, labor shortages will surely get worse before they get better, and automation is increasingly sought after as a way to mitigate the ripple effects of understaffed IT departments. For DevOps, automation has several benefits, from freeing up employees to work on more constructive […]

Like me, you have probably heard a lot about the “Great Resignation” lately. I’ll admit—at first I did not think it had anything to with tech jobs, especially not DevOps or cybersecurity jobs. After all, there aren’t many workers in those fields who aren’t well-paid (though, of course, when it […]

There’s a lot of interest in GraphQL lately. The query language is excellent for data retrieval, and it could act as a more usable mechanism to evolve the traditional REST API integration approach. But as adoption grows steadily, architects are now considering the implications of managing GraphQL at scale. Certain […]

Fugue has infused the best practices defined by Amazon Web Services (AWS) within its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for provisioning infrastructure using its infrastructure-as-code (IaC) platform. Fugue CEO Josh Stella said that IT teams can now evaluate templates for provisioning AWS infrastructure that were created using AWS CloudFormation or Terraform tools […]

WhiteSource today published a report that found most of the vulnerabilities that affect node package managers (NPMs), widely employed to deploy JavaScript applications, are addressed long before they are assigned a Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE) in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). The report, based on an analysis of the […]