At the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 event, Datadog announced it made support for the OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) generally available in the agent software it provides to instrument applications. Ilan Rabinovitch, senior vice president of product and community at Datadog, said that capability eliminates the need to install a separate […]

In the last few years, DevSecOps has become the security process of choice for many forward-thinking enterprises.  These organizations have come to understand that fixing bugs in the latter stages of product and application development offers no favors to anyone but cybercriminals. So, they have overhauled traditional processes and united […]

At a CDEventscon event this week, the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) announced it is hosting a CDEvents project through which it hopes to create a vendor-neutral specification for defining the format of event data across multiple services, platforms and systems. Andrea Frittoli, open source developer advocate at IBM, co-creator of […]

The practice of hardcoding secrets—such as authentication credentials, passwords, API tokens and SSH Keys—as non-encrypted plain text into source code or scripts has been common in software development for many years. It is an easy way to save time and labor, but it is also highly insecure. The issue is […]

What happens when the tools and services you depend on to drive site reliability engineering turns out to be susceptible to reliability failures of their own? That’s the question teams at about 400 businesses presumably asked themselves in the wake of a major outage in Atlassian Cloud. The incident offers […]

At its Futurestack conference, New Relic announced it expanded the integrations and tools it provides for its observability platform and added its first cybersecurity tool. The company now provides more than 470 integrations with cloud services, open source tools and other enterprise technologies, with support for offerings from Akamai, Atlassian, […]

DevOps Institute, a professional member association working to advance the humans of DevOps, announced the release of its Upskilling IT 2022 report. In its fourth year, the Upskilling IT report highlights the need to close the DevOps skills gap and identifies emerging job roles within the industry.  Through data collected […]