Security is one of those things you shouldn’t play around with yourself, unless you know what you’re doing. This is the reason products such as Identity Server has gained such momentum and popularity. However, Identity Server is extremely difficult to configure correctly, and OIDC is also arguably a “hack” on […]

What’s your cycle time? If you can’t answer it, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many engineering leaders couldn’t tell you without some significant number-crunching. Gaining visibility into performance is only half the battle though. Knowing how to interpret metrics and how to apply them to improving performance is where the […]

What Is the Cost of a Data Breach? As per the 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report by Ponemon Institute, sponsored by IBM Security the average total cost of a data breach is USD 3.9 million and it can go as high as USD 8.19 million.  The average size […]

Introduction Software to be build is to compare data from independent satellite systems.  As fighter jets traverse airspace, each system determines its identity, recording the name of the jet type or an equivalent letter or number abbreviation. For data collected over time, the simulation software must ascertain whether systems agree […]

Over the years, Node.js has become the go-to technology for building scalable web applications. It has gained enormous popularity amongst developers due to the many significant benefits it offers. With the support of an enthusiastic community, node.js is standing firm with a 51.9% stake as the most popular web framework, according to […]

We take a look at some of the trends in the AR and VR ecosystem, focusing on the main differences between developers and non-developers active in this space. AR and VR Are the Smallest Individual Software Sectors  Considered individually, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality remain the smallest software sectors out […]

I picked up the new Raspberry Pi High Quality camera last week. It’s pretty impressive. In this article, I’ll show you some ways to interact with this camera and do some cool stuff with it. This is my current setup for this article. I built little stage with Mario, and […]

Joke The story ages to the time of dinosaurs. The gigantic reptiles that flourish on Earth millions of years ago. After completing their time, they extinct. As Justin Timberlake said, “what goes around, Comes back around”. The same happens to dinosaurs, in this digital age they return with a slang […]

Micronaut is an open-source, JVM-based framework for building full-stack, modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications. Unlike reflection-based IoC frameworks that load and cache reflection data for every single field, method, and constructor in your code, with Micronaut, your application startup time and memory consumption are not bound to the […]

Deno.js is a new backend language based on the javascript framework. Deno is a simple, modern, and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V8 and is built in Rust. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to develop a complete CRUD web application using Deno js (Oak as a […]

In the previous post, I showed how we used MongoDB replication to solve several problems we were facing. Replication got to be a part of a bigger migration which brought stability, fault-tolerance, and performance to our systems. In this post, we will dive into the practical preparation of that migration.

Red Hat Open Shift Red Hat Open Shift offers a consistent hybrid-cloud foundation for building and scaling containerized applications. Open Shift provides an enterprise-grade, container-based platform with no vendor lock-in. Red Hat was one of the first companies to work with Google on Kubernetes, even before launch, and has become […]

Enterprise IT organizations need to continuously roll out innovative new features into their platform-as-a-service offering with just the right features to achieve faster time to market with no defects and low cost.  DevOps is an approach that helps you achieve speed and quality by enabling collaboration between lines of business, […]

If you’ve spent even a small amount of time in the field of digital project management then you must have heard about the Scrum methodology. Scrum, which was initially designed for software development teams now, finds its application across many other fields like marketing, project management, and many more. According […]

Creating a staff absence management policy is often challenging. Whether that be creating it from scratch or amending one already in place. Many aspects need to be considered when creating a staff absence management policy. What is it targeted to? What details do you need to include in the policy? […]

You have read tons of articles on FHIR and the tell-tale signs have appeared on hairs on the back of your neck. Your gut tells you to get your feet wet (you got to admit that is funny, gut talking to feet) and ease out that angst. You may be […]

Project teams are often faced with challenges maximizing value from diverse toolsets usage in the projects. Defining processes to the projects with access to tools at the right time and the right place is critical to maximizing the productivity of the project.  Projects are demanding faster time-to-delivery to meet time-to-market […]

A productivity cheat sheet to work smarter is essential to rapid growth. After all, it is the age of millennials where ideas are a dime a dozen, and there is very little time to manage things. Actually, now that I think of it, we DO have the same amount of […]

Team autonomy related instances are supposed to happen within the confines of professionalism. However, sometimes, certain mismanagement issues lead to unforeseen circumstances. To that end, micromanaging your team gives your employees the impression that you don’t trust them. This in turn leads to demotivation and poor job satisfaction.

A Question and Answer session with guests:  Adam Bien. Jeanne Boyarsky. Otavio Santana. Several trends have been changing the world of software development in recent years, such as serverless, cloud-native, and microservices vs monoliths. Meanwhile, many tried and true concepts are still vital, such as DDD, testing, and clean code. […]

Nebula Graph is an open-source distributed graph database solution. As an open-source project, we would like those who are interested in graph databases to know as much as possible about it. This includes how Nebula Graph is designed and why it is a highly performant database. As a result, we […]

There are three steps that Kubernetes uses to enforce security access and permissions — Authentication, Authorization and Admission. In this article we are going to consider Authentication first.               The Authentication, Authorization and Admission Control Process The first thing in Authentication is Identity.

Significant changes were made to the Istio service mesh in its version 1.5 release earlier this year, including notable modifications to the control plane architecture and the creation of a single model for extending Istio and its Envoy proxies using WebAssembly. Istio’s latest quarterly release, version 1.6, at first glance may […]

The Laravel PHP framework is an innovation in the world of software development. It allows custom web app development following an MVC pattern. Developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011, the framework is increasingly rising the ranks among other PHP frameworks due to its agile development approach. Laravel offers many benefits […]

It all started with Bitcoin in 2009. The underlying technology used by Bitcoin was the first version of blockchain. Since then, blockchain has come a long way. Blockchain not only powers the myriad cryptocurrencies but, now, is becoming the foundation for many applications. From the public implementation of blockchains, primarily […]

The Selenium IDE is a popular record and playback testing tool that is used for automated browser testing. It makes it easy to get started with automation testing as the IDE is a simple turn-key solution that is web-ready and works out of the box. The development of Selenium IDE […]

At the beginning of 2019, cloud adoption was one of the key topics on top of my agenda. As such, we started developing a centralized cloud strategy with the objective to use it as the foundation for governing our evolution for the next few years. “First Things First” Our cloud […]

Search the term “scale your business” in Google and you’ll come up with almost two billion results.  The most surprising thing about that number is that it probably doesn’t surprise many of us. The topic is a popular one because no matter what size our businesses are today, most of […]

To comply with workplace ethics means to conform to professional behavior standards; whereas, the standards should be followed by both parties, employees, and employers. Correspondingly, employee computer monitoring ethics involves two dimensions: self-restraint of employees and respectful monitoring by employers. It takes mutual respect and loyalty to use ethical employee […]

While there are many challenges young companies might struggle with, they certainly escaped one that is a blessing and a curse at the same time – the legacy IT systems. Data is indeed one of the companies’ most valued assets, as knowledge (read, ‘data’) empowers better, more informed business decisions. Moreover, […]

The following shows an algorithm for a simple concurrent HashMap, which, for writes, scales better than java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap. java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap is fast, sophisticated, and rather complicated. And I needed a similar data structure for vmlens, a tool to test concurrent Java.  I cannot use java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap, since I also want to trace the […]

Humankind is standing on the brink of another industrial revolution. Few technologies which are going to play a vital role in this are IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and some more. This blog contemplates more on Blockchain-based language i.e. DAML. So let’s get started. Why Blockchain? WEB 2.0 gave usage of […]

Make sure that you read Part One of this two-part series, and in particular the common introduction, before continuing here. Part One explains how polymorphism is implemented by declaring a subprogram with formal parameters of the pseudo-types “anyelement” and “anyarray”. This part explains how marking a subprogram’s formal parameter with […]

Professionally, I label myself as a developer, although I don’t like labels very much, and I prefer to say that the reason for my work is: to create quality software. But what is quality software? I like to define it as follows: Quality software is that which meets the user’s […]

Recently we want very fast communication between our distributed system, our payload was also considered so we try to evaluate different protocols like AVRO, Thrift, Protobuff, and MessagePack. I will try to cover each one in-depth starting with AVRO, so stay tuned for others. So what is AVRO? AVRO is […]

Micronaut is an open-source, JVM-based framework for building full-stack, modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications. Unlike reflection-based IoC frameworks that load and cache reflection data for every single field, method, and constructor in your code, with Micronaut, your application startup time and memory consumption are not bound to the […]

In this blog, Derek Tan, Executive Director of Infra & Simulation at WeRide, describes how engineers leverage Alluxio as a hybrid cloud data gateway for applications on-premises to access public cloud storage like AWS S3. The new data access architecture provides a localized cache per location to eliminate redundant requests […]

Imagine the following scenario: You have an application that integrates with another through the consumption of REST endpoints. To perform serialization/deserialization you use the famous Jackson library that magically transforms java objects into JSON (serialization) and vice versa (deserialization). One fine day, quite suddenly, your requests stop working with an […]