A small survey of 79 midsized to large enterprises conducted by NetApp suggests enterprise IT organizations might finally be embracing hybrid cloud computing beyond use cases involving backup and recovery. The survey finds 20% of respondents are currently employing both on-premises and cloud resources to support the same workload in […]

The need to innovate faster, manage multiple environments, optimize an application’s life cycle and achieve continuous delivery are aspirational goals that a successful DevOps team strives for. But there are loads of challenges, as meeting these goals increases the pressure on DevOps teams to adopt improved application architecture, new tools […]

In the last few years, DevSecOps has been widely adopted among organizations looking to get proactive with their security. Traditionally, development teams would continuously implement and deploy new applications into the enterprise and security was an additional bolt-on at the end.  However, as the threat posed by cybercrime has increased, […]

Red Hat this week announced that a private preview of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is now available on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Tom Anderson, vice president of Red Hat Ansible automation, said making the Red Hat instance of the open source automation framework available on Azure is the […]

Stacklet has added collaboration capabilities to its security and compliance platform that automatically groups related notifications, routes them to the right stakeholders and integrates with existing workflows and collaboration tools. The Stacklet platform is based on Cloud Custodian, an open source project that provides access to a domain-specific language that […]

“Marley was dead, to begin with.” So begins my DevOps Christmas Carol. In this reflection, I am visited by the ghosts of DevOps past, present and future. I hope that, after hearing my story, you will have a better understanding of where DevOps is going based upon where it came […]

Organizations traditionally have struggled with build-versus-buy decisions when digitizing their internal operations and processes. While the build option offered the benefit of using internal teams or outsourcing to external vendors who could satisfy requirements, the downsides are a long wait, higher costs and the constant change and maintenance applications require. […]

A decade ago, if you were to ask developers what the biggest challenges in commercial banking were, they would likely cite the difficulty of accessing and collating high-quality data on the day-to-day operations of banking institutions. Today, that’s completely changed. Or it has to some extent, at least. Developers working […]