In 2021, the security story in DevOps and DevSecOps has been the supply chain. So, it’s only fitting that we are currently experiencing the mother of all supply chain issues with the Log4j Log4Shell RCE vulnerability to close out the year. I won’t waste your time rehashing what Log4j is, […]

Speedscale today announced it is making a free edition of its observability tool for application programming interfaces (APIs) available to developers. Ken Ahrens, Speedscale CEO, said the goal is to expose more developers to the company’s API testing tool that can be accessed on their local machine via a command […]

The developer role is changing. More and more often they are being rightfully viewed as key stakeholders who aid in setting company direction in this product-led world that we live in. For many technology vendors, earning the trust of developers is critical to their short-term and long-term success, but this […]

The Graph, a provider of indexing and query tools based on the GraphQL language designed for blockchain platforms, today announced it has given $48 million to The Guild, a group of developers advancing an open source application programming interface (API) platform to further development of GraphQL-based technologies. Administered via The […]

News of the Apache Log4j vulnerability exploit is striking fear into the hearts of both software makers and users. Log4j is the most popular Java logging service used today, with over 400,000 GitHub downloads and has been embedded in most internet services and products from companies all over the world, […]

Canaries were once sent into coal mines as an early warning sign against danger—for me, it was my Roomba failing to automatically search out dog hair and clean the floor under my sons’ dining room chairs. Cloud-enabled apps also were acting “weird”. Some were down, while others were just slow—although, […]

GitOps is a relatively new term, but it continues to gain momentum as more organizations embrace the paradigm. In DevOps, GitOps lands on the software engineering side of the development and operations continuum. Even though GitOps is more likely to be adopted by smaller organizations, larger enterprises can successfully implement […]