As society continues to recover from the global COVID-19 pandemic and some semblance of normal starts to return, technology continues to move forward. The pandemic certainly changed what normal means and people, processes and technologies all have adapted and evolved to meet those challenges. The narrative that the pandemic caused […]

The number of organizations using value stream management (VSM) to bridge the divide between DevOps and the rest of the business is expected to dramatically increase over the next two years. The shift is due, in part, to investments in digital business transformation initiatives. A survey of more than 500 […]

Some time toward the end of the year, I start considering the volume of change we, as practitioners, have been under for … literally years, even decades. And I start to try and think of ways to keep you all from drowning in change. And then I write something that […]

WhiteSource has added a software bill of materials (SBOM) tool to its portfolio that, in addition to capturing the components of an application, also surfaces vulnerabilities that should be addressed. Many organizations are becoming more rigorous about making sure SBOM are attached to every software development initiative in the wake […]

ServiceNow today revealed it has acquired DotWalk to gain an artificial intelligence (AI)-infused application testing capability that runs natively on its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Joe Davis, senior vice president for platform engineering at ServiceNow, said that testing capability will be made available free of charge to all organizations that build […]

A growing number of organizations are suffering security incidents related to exposed secrets in DevOps CI/CD pipelines, according to a recent ThycoticCentrify report. The study paints a troubling picture: Only 5% of survey respondents said most of their development teams use the same secrets management processes and tools. The incidents […] has enhanced its observability platform to include both unified dashboards and support for distributed tracing to monitor service performance enabled by the open source Jaeger agent software being advanced under the auspices of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). At the same time, is making available a preview […]

Thanksgiving has been observed in the U.S. since 1861 and was officially designated as an official holiday in 1863 by president Lincoln. Of course, the tradition itself traces its lineage to the early days of the Pilgrims. This past year, of course, has been one of recovery from a pandemic […]

Recently, Facebook experienced an outage. If companies relied on that app to do business, their IT teams were likely swamped with end-user complaint calls.  How would teams traditionally respond? They’d dive deep into the rabbit hole, analyzing issues on a case-by-case basis, asking countless questions, including:  Could there be a […]