Continuous deployment orchestration software company, Octopus Deploy, announces acquisition of Dist, a cloud-native container registry solution.  Dist’s technology will provide seamless container registry experience to Octopus Deploy customers Brisbane-based company’s first acquisition since USD$172.5m capital raise from Insight Partners BRISBANE, Australia – Feb. 1, 2022  (Jan. 31, 2022) – Octopus Deploy, a […]

In Steven Bellovin’s book, “Thinking Security: Stopping Next Year’s Hackers,” (2015) he wrote: “Companies are spending a great deal on security, but we read of massive computer-related attacks. Clearly, something is wrong. The root of the problem is two-fold: We’re protecting (and spending money on protecting) the wrong things, and […]

Simple, safe, reliable software installs and uninstalls are always best, but getting there isn’t easy. Applications break each other—or even the operating system itself. MSIX, Microsoft’s packaging format, is the newest replacement for the decades-old Microsoft Software Installer (MSI) and setup exe installer technologies. MSIX is gaining acceptance and wider […]

On average, about a quarter of all IT budgets are allocated to handling technical debt each year. And this figure is set to rise, as 68% of organizations say their technical debt will increase in 2022. As digital acceleration continues to drive more IT investment across divisions, the technical burden […]

As end-user demand for new services continues to rise and businesses adapt to changing times, digitalization has never been more important. Pressure is increasing on organizations to deliver digital transformation initiatives more quickly as 55% of CIOs in 2021 said they were increasing staff to accelerate their digital programs. The […]

What is enterprise technical debt? Technical debt slows down organizations and hampers their ability to deliver. Studies show that technical debt can triple the cost of support for technical products and services. Beyond this, technical debt can cripple a company’s ability to make the rapid changes needed to compete in […]