The December 7, 2021 Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage severely disrupted services from a wide range of businesses for more than five hours and highlighted just how reliant businesses have become on internet-delivered services. The outage mostly impacted web services in the eastern U.S., yet the implications are universal: It’s […]

Vercel today announced it has acquired Turborepo, a provider of a build system for JavaScript and TypeScript applications that provides developers with access to an easy-to-use monorepository for their code. In the wake of that acquisition, the command line interface (CLI) for accessing Turborepo will now be available under an […]

In this week’s The Long View: Amazon Web Services falls on its face, Linux’s move to Rust takes the next step, and the FTC stabs another fatal wound in the horrible Arm/Nvidia deal. The post AWS Outage Outrage | Rusty Linux | ARM Latest appeared first on

A global annual survey of 2,200 developers published today by RapidAPI, a provider of an application programming interface (API) hub, finds digital business transformation initiatives have led to an increase in reliance on external-facing APIs. According to the survey results, nearly three-quarters of developers (74%) are using APIs for internal […]

Lately, software supply chains find themselves in a very interesting and uncomfortable position—the industry spotlight—and not in a good way. While significant and costly breaches such as  SolarWinds or Kaseya make front-page news, supply chain attack tactics (e.g. typosquatting or dependency confusion) that target package managers such as npm, PyPI […]

Argo is an open source suite of projects that helps DevOps teams deliver software more rapidly and safely. Argo Workflows, Argo CD, Argo Rollouts and Argo Events are open source tools for Kubernetes to run workflows, manage clusters and do GitOps right. On Dec. 8, the Argo community will come […]

Iterative today added an experiment versioning capability to an open source platform for managing machine learning operations (MLOps) using GitOps workflows. Dmitry Petrov, Iterative CEO, said the latest version of the Data Versioning Control (DVC) platform makes it simpler to save, compare and reproduce machine learning (ML) experiments at scale […]

One of the lessons I’ve learned in my years at the helm of is that the heart of DevOps is CI/CD. And at the heart of CI/CD is open source. While the names have been changed to protect the innocent (and the obsolete), these lessons are as true today […]