Technology trends simply cannot be ignored in today’s dynamic environment. As the world enters a post-digital era, organizations are exploring disruptive technology trends. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent process automation, advanced analytics, and robotic process automation (RPA) are among the top DevOps technology trends to watch. According to a survey by […]

Observability is growing in importance to meet envisioned business objectives. Despite the benefits to performance data, organizations have faced challenges in realizing the full potential of observability based on implementation, distributed software tools, and other technological hurdles. But with new innovation, the era of true observability is upon us. Innovative […]

In an era where software is dominating the world, the security and quality of code must remain a high priority. Delivering secure and reliable software at a rapid pace is crucial for most organizations today, but it’s not an easy task. What security best practices do organizations put in place to successfully produce […]

We’ve been talking about DevSecOps and shift-left security for years. Although this approach probably didn’t “cross the chasm” in 2021, we did see some very telling milestones. Cybersecurity VC funding surged to record heights with a focus on DevOps and cloud security and the need for DevSecOps became glaringly evident with […]

Welcome to 2022! Let’s start this year’s blogging off with a bang, and point out that we are in the process of creating the biggest lock-in that we have ever had. And I do mean ever. Maybe the hardware lock-in of the old days where vendor A was incompatible with […]

A Harris Poll of 200 senior engineering professionals suggests it may be a while before most DevOps teams are able to achieve true observability in their IT environments. The survey was conducted on behalf of LogDNA, a provider of an observability platform, and found nearly three-quarters of respondents (74%) are […]

After a year of innovation, rapid digital transformation efforts, new challenges and settling into a new normal, it is time to look back at all the lessons learned and look forward to the future. What does 2022 has in store for us? Will 2022 be a breakthrough year in terms […]

IoT Analytics forecast the global number of connected IoT devices would grow to 12.3 billion active endpoints in 2021. That number is expected to grow exponentially in the near future as more and more industries make use of long-range wireless capability. For example, president Biden’s infrastructure plan promised major investment […]