Change is constant and inevitable. While some changes are welcome, others are just a necessary evil.  Continuous calls for digitalization combined with a pandemic-prompted emphasis on transforming business operations, force organizations across industries to modernize their legacy systems. The emergence of cloud computing has shrunk organizations’ on-premise IT footprints. However, […]

Blockchain is hot right now. The industry has a staggering CAGR rate of over 69% between 2019 to 2025. Blockchain is no longer only relevant to cryptocurrency, either—blockchain-based applications are emerging to support many other scenarios that require decentralized data storage and accessibility. I recently met with Medha Parlikar, co-Founder […]

As 2022 kicks off, it’s becoming apparent that the major DevOps challenge organizations will face is mastering best practices that enable continuous delivery. A global survey of more than 19,000 software development professionals conducted by the Continuous Delivery (CD) Foundation found 44% of respondents use either continuous integration or deployment. […]

The term DevOps emerged into mainstream software development communities roughly 10 years ago. It represented a combination of tools and techniques which helped solve many pertinent issues of the time, namely responsibility for code in production and lack of a positive feedback loop. As of today, DevOps is a massive […]

Almost all companies are modernizing their IT infrastructure to remain competitive, with the focus firmly on migration to the cloud and the use of dynamic infrastructures. In a recent Trends in IT Ops 2021 survey, more than 160 IT professionals were asked how the implementation of IT strategies affected their […]

A long-simmering debate over the sustainability of smaller open source projects moved beyond the theoretical when two widely used open source node packaged modules (npm) were deliberately sabotaged this week, allegedly by a primary contributor. Colors.js is an npm that has been downloaded more than 3.3 billion times, with more […]

An effective continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline must integrate cloud and DevOps tools seamlessly to ensure the build, compile, test and release of applications is accomplished efficiently and without friction. Application architectures, internal processes and personal preferences mean organizations and teams set up the CI/CD pipeline differently, resulting in a […]

The technical oversight committee (TOC) for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced today it is elevating the open source LitmusChaos application testing platform to the incubation level. LitmusChaos is a chaos engineering platform donated to the CNCF by ChaosNative in 2020. Since then, it has seen adoption within production […]